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We created ManageGigs because we were sick of bloated CRM systems and spreadsheets. This is a booking management system like no other. Gig Management has never been this awesome.


Keep all of your customers in check and never lose client information again.


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Our drag and drop setlist builder is one of our favorite (and most useful) tools!

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Why we created ManageGigs

As entertainers ourselves, we had searched far and wide for the perfect booking management system. We needed to manage all of our customers and gigs but didn't want something that required hours and hours of time to learn or use. CRM systems certainly weren't working out and the ones that claimed to be for entertainers were just built on those same CRM tools we had learned to despise.

We realized that if the perfect gig management system didn't exist we were going to have to build it. Fast forward 2 years and ManageGigs is here to change the way you manage your bookings for the better.